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​​The Wombat Awareness Organisation (WAO) is a non-profit charity specialising in the rescue, rehabilitation and advocacy of the unique, amazing and gorgeous Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat. 
WAO focuses on conserving and protecting wild wombats whilst supporting a 24 hour rescue and rehabilitation centre within the largest and only free range, cage free wombat sanctuary.
WAO is based in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and services the entire state of South Australia as well as specialised cases over Australia.
WAO was founded and has been proactive in the wombat community since 2006.
WAO is independently funded relying solely on the kindness of others who wish to join us to Save the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat!





We think it is a great day for us all to come together to help wombats. 


This World Wombat Day, October 22nd – is our very first Wombat Awareness Organisation Giving Day.


On World Wombat Day, we are asking you to join us to raise $100,000 to help us, help more wombats. To help us grow in amazing ways so that we can continue to care for the many wombats in our sanctuary (we can have up to 90 wombats at any time!) Plus grow our 24/7 rescue and rehabilitation service for wombats who so desperately need us. 


We just have to ask for your help, on behalf of the wombats. 


So, I’m asking you to join us to help us raise $100,000. 


Our wombats in care plus so many more need us.  Food, vet bills, specialised facilities, veterinary equipment and goodies that makes the wombats journey back to health so much quicker such as therapeutic beds for the injured, elderly and hungry are what we so desperately need!

To join us, please click here:




WAO is available 24/7 for rescues and advice. Please feel free to call us on 0458 737 283.
24 Hour Rescue Hotline  0458737283



You can help by making a donation or adopting a wombat! All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.