Monthly adoption options for Barney (min. 12 months)

Barney is one very special wombat. It is fair to say that he is the founder of the organisation, it is because of him the charity was started, it is because of him the sanctuary is free range and it is because of him thousands of wombats have been saved and that the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat has a voice.

In 2005, he was orphaned in a zoo in Queensland where Director Brigitte Stevens was Supervisor. It became Brigitte's job to raise Barney and within a few hours she knew her life had changed. Barney's personality at such a tiny size became quickly evident and Brigitte saw there was far more to wombats than meets the eye. Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats inhabit arid environments of South Australia and being raised in the semi tropics of Brisbane posed to be a problem. The reversed seasons – hot and wet in Summer produced oxalate’s in the grass which when consumed by Barney, depleted his calcium which very quickly led to brittle and broken bones. None of this was known and despite the best veterinary care, Barney was on a downward spiral. In an attempt to save Barney's life, Brigitte drove him down to South Australia for further veterinary treatment. The vet in SA was also stumped and suggested to move him to his right environment so Brigitte sold up everything, left her work, family and friends to move to SA to care for Barney. The change in Barney on his return trip to SA was nothing short of amazing. He ate so much dirt which obviously held all of the goodies he was lacking and within 8 weeks of living in his right environment, Barney was a new wombat!


Barney has undertaken a role never seen before - he raises orphaned wombats and takes them through all of the secret wombat business duties, we just can't teach them. It is fair to say that this kind, loving sweet man has raised more joey's than a wild female would in her lifetime. He is one very special boy that we love very much.


Nowadays as a 10 year old, Barney has developed an infection in his jaw. Surgery is very risky and our vet feels that it is a threat to his life so at this stage, he is on antibiotics which he may have to stay on for up to a year. Each week, Barney's antibiotics cost $142 plus he is on a special diet. Would you believe that he is thriving on this combination? You can not see any swelling at all however we have been down this road before and took him off the antibiotics too soon. After months of work, his infection returned. Our vet is very confident that a very long term course will heal this infection. In the meantime, Bareny is leading a very normal life as more of a distinguished gentleman opting for a life of luxury rather than one of dirt. Whilst he 'visits' burrows during the night, he always returns home to jump into his very comfy bed to sleep.

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