Monthly adoption options for Boofy (min. 12 months)

Boofy is a very lucky boy, it just so happened that Clare and our friend Dani were driving down a road never travelled before late at night. It was the Friday of a long weekend and Boofy sat outside the CFS building in Williamstown looking lost and confused.

Wombats are not found in this area so Clare approached him to check if he was ok. Boofy launched and attacked Clare who immediately knew that this big boy was a captive wombat.

With nothing but a material net we use to catch wombats on hand, Boofy was unceremoniously put in and popped into the car for the travel home. There is no doubt this boy would have caused some serious damage to a poor unsuspecting passer by so Boofy was brought to the sanctuary for safety for all. His trip home was not graceful, he attacked and mated Dani's back seat the whole way home!

Once home, Boofy was so aggressive that he was put in an enclosure by himself. We could only interact with him holding a large sheet of weldmesh kept in between us. This aggression is the sign of a very emotionally tortured wombat.

Boofy had clearly been raised as a pet and either escaped or was dumped on the long weekend.

The next day, we watched Boofy, he could only walk in 2 square metres. He did not know what dirt was, nor sunshine or grass. Our hearts sank as we held our breath hoping that he would not be claimed. Tuesday morning arrived and we contacted the Department to advise them of Boofy's arrival, no one had claimed him as yet and we were advised to claim him via a permit. Two weeks later the permit arrived, Boofy was ours!

Boofy was very lcuky, as we have worked extensively with both zoo and pet wombats suffering with stereotypic behaviours, we knew the remedy! and that was to start walking with him. Weld mesh in one hand and mobile phone in the other, Boofy and I took to the bush. He walked his way back to sanity! It took 12 months for Boofy to walk without us carrying the weld mesh, a further 6 months before he understood his instinct to burrow and could interact with the other wombats with no threat to anyone's wellbeing and now, he is the sofest, gentlest, grateful wombat we have.

Unfortunately, at some stage of his life before us, he suffered a blow to his head which has permanently damaged his tooth root. We have to manage this via regular dental work, antibiotics and lots of love and support. Every wombat deserves the right to freedom of will and that is exactly what Boofy found!

Boofy tummy rub
Boofy and Clare