Boots was a starving orphan found on a remote property. Booties was just skin and bone weighing just five kilograms. His hair was falling out due to chronic malnutrition and he was covered in fleas, ticks and parasites. Boots had a very slow recovery, he was in no means in a rush! His temperament is very docile. He needed round the clock nursing, fluids and small amount of food regularly to avoid re-feeding syndrome. It wasn't until he was close to 12 kilograms did he decide that it was time to start heading out and about. Each night he would head out to shortly return to snuggle back into bed. After having such a frightening life in the wild, it was understandable that the return would be daunting. Nearly a year later, Boots discovered that in our sanctuary he is safe, there is always food on offer and he can return at any time to the safety of his bed. Surprisingly, Boots is now our largest wombat who looks rather like a Saint Bernard!

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