In December of 2010 a huge flood hit the Murraylands, it was awful. Thousands of wombats were drowned or entombed in their burrows but not this very lcuky girl. She was rescued by the Wildlife Victoria team who came to assist WAO in their recovery efforts. Poppy was brought back to the sanctuary where she was underweight with a lot of hair missing. This gilr slept and slept and slept. Weeks later when she finally arose we noticed her bumping into everything. We took her to the vet where she was declared permanently blind. The reason is unknown. Poppy remained very content with her life until mid 201515 when she suddenly and abruptly became the sanctuary's Queen Bee - the dominant female. Now it is only Poppy who is allowed to breed, Poppy also does not accept any new comers. It took 11 months and 3 weeks for her to accept Cliffy into the colony. She is chubby, pushy and very, very comfortable in her environment! 

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