Christmas specials

For each of the gift items below, you will receive a limited edition Christmas e-Certificate including the name of your giftee, as shown below. All of these Christmas donations are tax deductible!


Adopt a wombat for one year for just $1 a day - Sanctuary visit included!

By symbolically adopting a wombat you will be actively supporting its' care. Your much appreciated donation will help us pay for veterinary care, wombat milk, food and help an adopted wombat to live free range in our protected sanctuary.

Adopt a wombat and you will receive the limited edition Christmas adoption e-Certificate PLUS both gifter and giftee will also be invited to the WAO sanctuary to spend an afternoon with the wombats PLUS our EXCLUSIVE ADOPTERS ONLY Facebook page - Secret Life of WAO where you receive daily photo and video updates on the wombats and daily life at the sanctuary. You can even drop us a line for a private update!

 This package is now also available as an ongoing monthly payment of $30 (minimum 12 months)

Adopt us for Christmas - $100 e-Certificate only – covers all food and medications for the sanctuary wombats on Christmas Day

Often the wombats we receive into care have a number of medical conditions. Commonly, they have been hit by a car, or possibly suffering severe mange and the prolonged malnutrition that accompanies it, or are orphaned and need feeding with special formula. Our food and medication bills are ongoing, averaging out to $100 a day for all of our short and round friends. 1 x Personalised e-Certificate is included.


Feed the Family on Christmas Day - $50 e-Certificate only – feeds 47 wombats on Christmas day

Feeding 47 wombats a day adds up! On the menu for our Christmas feast is carrots, oats, unsalted popcorn, and of course a number of special wombat 'smoothies' - special formula with medications and wombat-friendly health foods to balance electrolytes or reestablish good gut fauna. 1 x Personalised e-Certificate is included.


Kris kringle carrots - $20 e-Certificate only – Give the wombats their carrots for Christmas Day

For $20, we can buy a bulk bag of sweet, crunchy, premium grade carrots - a much-loved favourite for our furry friends. 1 x Personalised e-Certificate is included.