Monthly adoption options for Cliffy (min. 12 months)

Punyelroo Caravan Park near Swan Reach in the Murraylands of South Australia is one of the very few places wild Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats roam freely amongst holidayers. Unfortunately, like the rest of the population along the mighty Murray, the wombats are dying in droves from Sarcoptic mange - a very treatable disease. Even more unfortunate for the wombats, the caravan park managers are the only people wanting to help these poor animals. (If you want to know more about mange please look at our Projects page)

Cliffy was quite the little so and so to catch! We spent Christmas eve and day all through to New Years Eve and day trying to help this poor boy. Two weeks later, Josie the park manager rang me to say they caught Cliffy with sheer skill so I went up to pick him up and bring him home. The boys are very sookie, they cry and love to be fussed over. In fact, we weren't even out of the park's driveway before he crawled out of his bed and curled up on my lap as I drove home. That is the miracle of these animals. Completely wild yet so very, very trusting. Cliffy had a really, really long recovery mainly due to his very poor condition and all of his pressure sores that went right down to the bone down his spine and on his hips. It took 11 months and one week for Cliffy to be well enough and accepted into our wild wombat clan where he continues to flourish. 



Cliffy midway
Cliffy sorepaw
Cliffy now