Family was orphaned we believe from a cull and taken to the local vet surgery where he was then passed onto us. He weighed 1.4 kilograms and boy was this boy a handful! Family was fiercly determined! Whilst he wasn't angry, he did not like being bottle fed. We don't know what happened to him to become this way but we definately knew that this boy was different. Normally sookie and not wanting to leave home, Family was pestering to go outside at just 4 kilograms. Eventually we gave in and he took to making his very own burrow. It was Family that made us understand that it is the joeys that create the new burrows, not the adults. Family was perfectly at home in his burrow, every time he was due for a bottle, he would return inside right on time, polish off his bottle, have a snuggle then toddle off again back out to his burrow. If there was ever a wombat that wanted to be wild, this is him!

Nowadays Family is much calmer as we have never stopped him from living the life that he wants. He strolls inside each night from his burrow demanding attention then stirs a little trouble before disappearing back into the night. We don't have many photographs of Family as he is one of our wombats that does not like disruption during his visiting hours. I did however manage to get one of him having cuddles with Clare although he looks a little startled!

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