Holly is our little sweetheart. Holly is the smallest wombat we have ever raised weighing a tiny 160 grams when she was kindly rescued and given to us by Wombat Rise Sanctuary. Holly, despite her tiny size has been amazing, for the first two months she was fed every 3 hours, each feed took 1 ½ hours so we were very sleep deprived! All we could do was try our best but she did the rest. As Holly was so small, she has had a few developmental problems such as taking her longer to walk, her heart and lungs needed extra time to develop and build up strength and she has trouble metabolising minerals. We have to keep an eye on her as too much activity can have catastrophic effects on her electrolytes, which is difficult as this little girl just loves to play! We anticipate that once she finishes growing, this should balance out as it only seems to be a problem when she is going through growth spurts! We are so looking forward to seeing this sweetheart through to living a life of freedom and safety in our sanctuary!

























Monthly adoption options for Holly (min. 12 months)
Baby Holly
Sent from Heaven
Sue and Joy
Burrowing Princess