Monthly adoption options for Josie
Once-off adoption options for Josie

Josephine the love machine was surrendered to us after being hand raised on her own after being orphaned in the South East of South Australia. Her human Mumma knew that she needed more, she needed other wombats to teach her wombat ways as she was a little on the difficult side to get going. Her Mumma was right! Our older female Bare-nosed Wombat Teddy Bear also saw this and has left her burrow life to move indoors to be with Josie. Teddy has taught her how to eat and play and once Josie is big enough, Teddy will show her the real wombat way of life! We salute people like Josie's Mumma who recognises the needs of an animal in their care and take the appropriate action to ensure the best life for their babies. 

















Josie potty
Josie tootie