Monthly adoption options for Joy (min. 12 months)

**Please note that the adoption program is volunteer-run and will be closed

for admin 5pm 23/12/19 - 9am 6/1/20**


Joy came to us in mid 2011 as a sweet 2.5 kilogram orphan. We did not get a great deal of detail of her background aside from she was found the morning before sitting by her dead Mumma and was immediately surrendered to the Alexandrina Wildlife Support Group who surrendered her to us. Joy was really unwell and we could not understand why. Her blood results showed an issue with her bone marrow but we had little to go on aside from managing her symptoms. We later found out that she was in fact with the orignal rescuer for some time and was more than likely fed the wrong food which has caused damage to her intestine. Since then Joy has had pnuemonia caused by reflux and required long term antibiotics, antacids and probiotics. 

She is well travelled and has had acupuncture, chinese herbs, massage and her very own carefully selected team of veterinarians and gastroenterologists asisting her recovery. The problem is that we can not get a diagnosis, we have however developed a medication recipe that treats the symptoms and slowly but surely Joy is getting better. Joy carries on like a normal wombat on her medicine (which she loves!) but can not survive without it.

Joy is still only young so we are hopeful that in time her tummy will heal enough for her to be medication free but in the meantime, she is given everything she needs to live a full and happy life.

Joy and
Joy and Fatty
Sue and Joy
Tiny Cute