Mr Juicy was one of those special wombats that wanted and waited to be rescued. We see so many wombats starving to death but only very few allow us to help them. It is though they make up their mind and that is it. We were with the ecologists from the Department whilst we drove over a hill, we had already seen hundreds of wombats in urgent need of help disappear down their burrows but not Mr Juicy. I asked for the car to be stopped and the car doors to be left open. I only had a butterfly net on me as I walked directly towards Juicy. He watched me walk a hundred metres. I approached him directly, he only went to run as I put the net over him. It was like poetry in motion! I picked him up in the net, he was asleep by the time I carried him back to the car. He was wrapped in a blanket where he slept flat on his back in the arms of one of the ladies in the car. He knew he was safe. 

Although he had lost nearly all of his hair - a symptom of chronic, toxic starvation, he looked very chuuby and sounded like a water bottle when he was being carried. The Murraylands had witnessed a rare downpour only a few days earlier and we realised very quickly that juicy was in fact drowning. Starving wombats lack protein which is needed for them to absorb fluid. As Juicy could not absorb the fluid, he was in a lot of trouble if not treated. We use a high protein supplement in these cases. In just two days, poor Juicy has almost urinated half of his bodyweight out as his protein levels rised. It was then when we saw the true damage of his emaciation.

Mr Juicy was in absolute heaven, he drank his bottles like a dream. Weighing in at 10 kilograms, he was happy to be nursed and pampered until he felt better. Within 3 months, Mr Juicy had joined our wild clan where he still remains only now as our dominant male!  

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