**Please note that the adoption program is volunteer-run and will be closed

for admin 5pm 23/12/19 - 9am 6/1/20**


Noah instigated one of our most intensive rescues after he was reported being taking around pubs throughout North Adelaide being offered for sale for $300. He is an orphan from a traditional hunt. We immediately sprung into action, it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack! We didn't sleep for the three nights we searched for him, walking the streets of Adelaide trying to find him. Thankfully with the help of two of our wonderful volunteers Michele and Bree, plus an incredible member of the public, Noah was rescued.


Despite Noah's rough interlude with people, he is the most gentle little darling. He does suffer from anxiety disorders which require a lot of attention. Like many wombats with behavioural disorders, Noah responds really well to walking. Not only does this provide mental and physical stimulation, it strengthens the bond between us, mending the distrust he had for the world. He has been really lean, struggling to settle down to eat, even a year after his rescue. We eventually learnt to cuddle him for longer after he had his walk and he has begun eating more, gaining weight and looking much better. People are unaware of their effects on these animals who have an incredible memory and are very sensitive. Many wombats suffer in circumstances similar to Noah but are sold to zoos and their needs are never accommodated. It is a life of suffering for them. Thankfully, it isn't for this little man who is slowly but surely making his way to freedom!



















Monthly adoption options for Noah (min. 12 months)
Liddle liddle
baby Liddle
Brig, Lyn, Liddle
Noah and Poppet
Liddle Boy
Strawberry kisses