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Pearl is a Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat who came to us from a lovely couple who rescued her after she was orphaned on the West Coast of South Australia. She weighed just 1.4 kilograms when she came to us. Due to her being found in a remote location, Pearl was fed whatever the rescuers could give her to keep her alive. As wombats are lactose intolerant, even just a small amount of cows milk can have long term effects on the tummy. Subsequently Pearl has scarring in her intestine which effects the absorption of her food. It can take up to three years for the tummy to heal. In the meantime, she needs a lot of extra dietary support and exercise. Pearl is a very happy-go-lucky little girl who should be wearing flowers in her hair. She has the kindest nature, never hurting anyone. From the moment she wakes up, she is skipping and playing. She has moves seldom seen in wombats!

Monthly adoption options for Pearl (min. 12 months)
Pearl 1
Angel in the garden
Postie Pearl