Monthly adoption options for Poppet (min. 12 months)

A call came through early one morning from a lady whose son had found a tiny wombat pinkie joey on the road, thrown from her Mumma's pouch from the impact of being hit by a car. This beautiful woman nursed this tiny baby, smaller than the palm of your hand overnight before being recommended to us. Just a few short hours later little Poppet came into our care.

We were surprised at how small she was and how she could have survived after being thrown our of her mothers pouch. She had bruising all over her back and tummy. When animals are this size, all that can be done for them is to give them pain relief and monitor them closely for any signs that they are not going to survive.  Poppet not only survived her ordeal - she thrived! Weighing just 205 grams upon arrival, her eyes were closed, she had no hair except for her gorgeous whiskers and eye brows and needed to be fed milk through a syringe and teat every three hours. Talk about a little piggy! Poppet has been a consistent good feeder and we can't wait to watch her grow up and join the rest of her clan in our sanctuary!


Poppet 4
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Noah and Poppet
Poppet 2