Monthly adoption options for Puddy (min. 12 months)

**Please note that the adoption program is volunteer-run and will be closed

for admin 5pm 23/12/19 - 9am 6/1/20**


Puddy is an orphan of a traditional hunt. He went into the care of licensed carers who raised him in a hotbox which is not needed for this very cool blooded marsupial. He was fed milk that did not suit his tummy and by the time he came to us, he had severe diahorrea. This was just a few of his concerns as it became obvious that this little man was really traumatised. He was sensitive to the noise of any mechanical device such as the vacuum cleaner or food processor used to grate the wombats food. He needed constant reassurance. In fact without a doubt, Puddy has needed the most intensive, long term psychological support. Over the years, his phobia for noise has slowly eased however it is still present. He is highly sensitive and is an emotional eater. Even when we tried to limit his intake of food, he would just eat more grass! There was a point when he was so heavy that we had him tested for thyroid problems, all results came back clear so we just offered him more support. He is known as our big, friendly giant who takes on the father role of so many of our orphans. Since we have relocated our sanctuary, Puddy has flourished! He has lost 18 kilograms and has become really active. We are not sure why but we are thrilled as he has been with us for 8 years! He has the kindest, simplest nature but is still a worry wart. This may from being kept too hot in a hot box which has been proven to cause brain damage. He still has a very sensitive stomach which is still scared from poor hand raising techniques (feeding him a milk unsuitable for his tummy) so Puddy does require frequent probiotics which we assume will continue for life. After spending many years in a burrow, Puddy has returned to the comfort of the indoors by day whilst he potters around the sanctuary by night

Holly and Schnuffy
Puddy and Rummy
Puddy and Brig
Puddy, Timmy and Boofy