Monthly adoption options for Rory (min. 12 months)

**Please note that the adoption program is volunteer-run and will be closed

for admin 5pm 23/12/19 - 9am 6/1/20**

This darling little baby boy is the newest arrival at our sanctuary. He should have been with his Mum instead he was running up to cars on a remote dirt road in Sunnydale in the Murraylands of South Australia.

This boy was determined to get help as he approached the right people in the right car. He ran straight up to them! This is indicative of the trusting nature and the intelligence of these wonderful little animals.

Rory was taken to Birdwood Vet who happened to have a vet nurse who follows us on Facebook and we received the call to go and bring this baby home!.

Rory is incredibly underweight, he has bite wounds from other wombats on his little back and he is just exhausted. He still hasn't woken up but is drinking well and recovering. More pictures will be added as he wakes up


Rory travelling