Princess Smooshie Smooshie was the orphan of a traditional hunt. She came into care weighing just 200 grams. She was taken to QLD to be utilised as part of an education program and came back to SA to live with us permanently when she was two years old. As Smooshie was raised without other wombats she has struggled, she doesn't know where she fits in. She did not learn all of the socialising from other wombats so whilst her instincts are present, she doesn't have a clue what to do with them. So for the past five years, we have worked with her to give her all of the support that she needs to make her way in the world. She has her own little burrow within the sanctuary and visits every night for a snack and the occassional snuggle. We still take her for walks, sometimes for kilometres when she wants which helps her unwind and relax. Smooshie is one lucky girl, she was spared from a life of isolated confinement, she is the reason that we advocate to not have wombats for zoo's or raised alone xx We love Princess Smoosh

















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