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Teddy Bear was orphaned after her mother was found shot in a paddock. She was raised by a first time wombat Mumma but as she did not have the knowledge or support, Teddy ended up in a bad way. Luckily, her human Mumma knew her limits and surrendered Teddy to us.

Teddy was almost bald. We had many veterinary tests to try and find the cause and to ensure her condition was not contagious. No exact cause was found but it was highly possible to have been an allergy so Teddy was allowed to choose if she wanted to snooze inside or to make her own burrow. She took to a burrow like a duck does to water and in just two weeks with the help of a natural barrier treatment for her skin and an immune booster, Ted's hair began to grow back. Bare-nosed wombats aren't as social as the Southerns however when Josie arrived, it didn't take long before Ted moved back inside and began to mother Josie. So beautiful to watch! Ted leaves Josie inside whilst she forages and burrows in the evening to return to her in the early hours of the morning. I am sure that once Josie is big enough, Ted will continue her caring nature and show Josie how to burrow and grow into a big girl!

















Teddy bear
Josie and Ted