Monthly adoption options for Winnie (min. 12 months)

**Please note that the adoption program is volunteer-run and will be closed

for admin 5pm 23/12/19 - 9am 6/1/20**

Winnie aka Pinnie is a little wombat with an amazing will to live! She was hit by a truck as a little 3kg joey and suffered a shattered femur. Winnie was taken to a carer who asked for our advice in her care, we helped her vet correspond with our vet who advised she required specialist surgery to mend the break and recommended that her colleague the fantastic Dr Richard Savory a veterinary surgical specialist asses her x-rays and perform the surgery. Winnie was brought up to us and underwent surgery the next day, after complications and another surgery this little angel is off and racing! This is the very first time we have ever had to undertake a procedure of this kind and the veterinary support we have received has been invaluable. Winnie is one lucky little girl!